Pre-Paid Public Hotspot Solutions

24Roam (Twenty-Four Roam) provides Cloud Hotspot Service for Carriers/ ISPs/ System Integrators. The 24Roam Platform supports WiFi Roaming function and instant Revenue Report through Web remote...

What's 24Roam?

24Roam (Twenty-Four Roam) is Public Hotspot Service with Scalable Solutions and advanced self-service payment system, billing system and management system. It works great for Public Transportations, Youth Hostels, B&B, Campus, Retail Stores, Café Chains and ISPs that want to provide Public WiFi Service.

The 24Roam have highly sophisticated pricing settings that support variant charging rate for different consumption level at your country to enable your business plan more diversity.

All our hotspot devices come with a specially designed software, which includes e-mail notification, status report to ensure effective hotspot device deployment and maximum its uptime.


How it works?

24 Roam central management on Cloud Server solves all venue operators' management problems. The report system of 24Roam provides the real-time reports, including revenue, online user numbers, purchase records and statistic graphic for each location.

The reports can be printed or downloaded as PDF file format. It also able to e-mail Revenue Reports by specified timing to Service Provider , Partner and Venue Owner.

Great Features of 24Roam Platform!

The system will automatically deliver the monthly revenue report .

Analysis your Hotspot Market!

Checking online server report to know which Hotspot is best seller from Statistic Report.

Weekly Revenue Report!

No hard work! The system will automatically calculate the profit sharing revenue from rate ratio setting and email you and your collaborators PDF weekly report.

Online Remote Instantly!

Online remote current users status and Hotspot venues usage detail.

Purchase Record!

Find the consumption custom routine and help the revenue growth.

Roaming Feature

The 24Roam provides smart roaming feature for users. Service provider can define different pricing profiles for Hotspot devices located at different areas, as their business plans demand. The users can roam among wireless networks in different Hotspot devices if they're deployed by the same service provider.

One Internet Access Ticket works for all the locations.
Perfect application for Chain Store business.

Would like to know more?

24Roam provides Cost-Effective Solutions for Carriers / ISP/ Telecoms to deploy Multi-Venue Hotspots Service and Cloud Server solves all the Operators problems. JOIN OUR PARTNERSHIP NOW!


Restaurant | Shop | Chain Store
  • 50 Simultaneous Users
  • 8 Multi-SSIDs
  • 10 Billing Profiles
  • 6 Languages Support
  • QR Code Print Out
  • Time & Volume-based Billing
  • Bandwidth Management
Public Transportation
  • 100 Simultaneous Users
  • 10 Billing Profiles
  • 6 Languages Support
  • QR Code Print Out
  • Time-based Billing
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Self-Service Payment design
Plaza Center | Shopping Mall | Hotel
  • 300-1000 Simultaneous Users
  • 10 Billing Profiles
  • 6 Languages Support
  • QR Code Print Out
  • Time-based Billing
  • Bandwidth Management
  • PMS Integration


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